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Hi there!


Welcome! I'm Chloe, a down to earth girl who has a love for capturing you and your loved ones simply being who you are. I love to give my families an enjoyable, effortless experience resulting in images that will stand the test of time. I love raw emotion, color, sunshine  and getting know my clients. I'm a mother of two and wife to the sweetest guy I know, you will likely meet him at our shoot (I often joke he's my secret weapon and quite the baby whisperer). I'm a music and podcast lover. Sometimes I go through stages where I think I'm a home decorator and I'm certain my house permanently smells like coffee. I'm a dreamer and not afraid to shoot for the stars but can also be extremely low key and invite people over just to watch Netflix and talk. My family and I love to hike and discover new locations during our free time. I'm big on family and can't get enough of my own, they are my inspiration. When I set out to photograph a family I love to think of the moments I witness as if they were my own and enjoy slowing down time with my camera and focusing on the in between moments that are often overlooked.  I truly believe there is no better time to than the present to document this special stage of your life, time waits for nobody.