Winter Mentoring

Fall Time is here! I know all of my sweet photographer friends are going to be spending the next few months working hard and shooting tons of clients which is why I have to decided to offer mentoring all throughout the winter. Treat yourself after the thick of busy season!

Spend a day with me learning how I prepare for a shoot, learn my work flow (posing/styling), shoot a real family with me and then spend the evening editing with me! I am an open book during these mentoring sessions and want to help you in anyway that I can!


When will these take place?

I will be running these mentoring sessions all through the month of January, February and March on Sundays.

Give me more details!

Okay! We will meet 3 hours before the shoot in the town square of Decatur, TX. We will grab lunch together and get to know each other and discuss everything you want to know! This lunch portion is ALL about YOU. After lunch we will walk over to my favorite little coffee shop in the square and I will give you an in depth crash course on my workflow, styling, posing etc. After this we will then go to a beautifully styled live shoot and you will be able to watch my workflow that I taught you come to life! You can ask me anything you want during our live shoot. This shoot is set up specifically for YOU. After our shoot we will grab snacks and return to the coffee shop for an editing session together. I will help guide you with your edits from the shoot we shot together and show you my favorite tips and tricks!



A retainer of $300.00 will be due at booking and the full price will be $750.00.

(sales tax will be applied)


Need any additional info?

email me at for more info and booking!

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